Staff & Board

November 8, 2010


    Piper Carter, Commons Events Coordinator

    Piper Carter is currently the events coordinator and in charge of new initiatives for the Cass Corridor Commons at EMEAC. Piper currently lives inside the city of Detroit.  She is part of the Environmental Justice Movement in Detroit as well as the Digital Justice Coalition, Maker Space, Food justice, and Entertainment Justice communities.  Her two main initiatives outside of the Commons include The Foundation of Women in Hip Hop and TheStudioArena.


    William Copeland, Climate Justice Director

    William Copeland is an organizer and cultural worker from Detroit. He works as EMEAC's Climate Justice Director.  He served as one of the local coordinators for the 2010 US Social Forum, organizing over 300 Detroit-area volunteers to host 20,000+ activists and community change agents to 5 days of workshops, panels, concerts, and work projects. He also worked as lead organizer of the 2011 Detroit 2 Dakar Delegation to the World Social Forum held in Dakar, Senegal. He has significant affiliations with the healing justice movements in Detroit and nationwide and is also currently working on creating the D.Blair Theater Space in the Cass Corridor Commons. Copeland serves on the board of the US Solidarity Economy Network. Will See just dropped his first solo hip-hop CD "The Basics" available at which includes EJ anthems such as "Water Power" and "Respiration."

    Diana Copeland, Co-Director

    Diana has an extensive background in environmental justice advocacy, environmental project management, and community organizing. Mrs. Copeland earned her BS in Environmental Science and Tribal Natural Resource Policy at The Evergreen State Collegewatershed management at University of Washington Program in Streamside Studies, and her MS in Environmental Justice at the University of Michigan. She worked in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, connecting community leaders to solve environmental and health challenges in Rio's favelas (autonomous communities) before coming to EMEAC. She has been very active in forming coalitions between environmental organizations, community and environmental justice groups to win environmental justice and health victories.   Diana serves on the board of Grassroots Global Justice as Vice Chair and on the Women's and Gender Studies and Women in Learning and Leadership Advisory Board at the University of Michigan Dearborn.  She is adjunct faculty in Marygrove's Social Justice Program in Environmental Justice and at the University of Michigan School of Social work. email:

    Dee Collins, Finance Director

    Dee joined EMEAC in 2012 as Finance Director.  With over 30 years experience in finance and accounting, she has worked for various non-profits in the Detroit Metropolitan area. Dee has also volunteered for numerous churches and non-profits to help with bookkeeping challenges. 


    Bryce Detroit, Director of Commons Relations   

    BRYCE DETROIT is the Visionary, Music Executive, Artist and native Detroiter. He grows community as Director of Community Relations and Marketing for Cass Corridor Commons, Founder of HERU Organization, Board Member Emeritus of 5E Gallery, and as a founding member of the Detroit Future Youth network. He grows 21st century cooperative economies as president of Detroit Recordings Company, founding member of Oakland Avenue Artists Coalition, and Detroit Future Media graduate. He leads innovation in Detroit, using 21stCenturyHipHop and entertainment arts for promoting cultural literacy self-determination through sustainable collective-economies. Bryce is fashioned as a cultural figure in Detroit's food security, environmental, undoing racism, and digital justice movements with works performed and published nationwide.

    Priscilla Dziubek, Environmental Programs Coordinator
    Priscilla is a community activist involved locally in the international struggle for water as a human right, held in the public trust, as a precious resource.  She is coordinator of our inter-generational gardening program, Gardening Angels, and instructs environmental labs within Detroit Public Schools.  She is a master composter and was instrumental in establishing the Barbara Jordan school garden.  Currently, Priscilla is planning gardening activities for the summer months that will involve both students and community seniors.  email:

    Sonya Green, Multicultural Environmental Science and Arts Lab Coordinator

    Sonya, spiritually known as Sanaa Nia-Joy, is an informal educator with the EMEAC Greener Schools program. Prior to returning to Detroit and beginning her role at EMEAC, she worked with youth groups in Washington, DC. She is a graduate of Howard University and a Ecopsychology Masters degree candidate in Naropa University's Transpersonal Psychology department. She is also a Reiki practitioner, Belly Dance instructor and nature lover. All of her work enhances the goal of helping people express their brightest self and have a closer relationship to the earth both of which will be healing for the earth and humanity. email: 

    George Jackson, Resource Mobilization Director: Grassroots and Traditional

    George has compiled an extensive set of knowledge, skills and experience since 2003. With 10 years experience working for and with nonprofit organizations, local, state, and federal agencies, he has leveraged these experiences as a grant proposal writer, grants program coordinator, and grant analyst. Over the past 7 years, George has written many proposals and requests for funding to private foundations, as well as state and federal government agencies. As a program coordinator, he has successfully managed and administered grant funded projects worth well over $1,000,000. Although able to work with just about any subject matter, he's attained  specialties in the areas of environmental protection, energy efficiency, and community development. George also produces and hosts a weekly audio podcast that discusses tips and practices in good grantsmanship. George possesses a B.S. in Land Use and Urban Planning from Northern Michigan University and is completion of an M.S. in Nonprofit Administration from Central Michigan University. He grew up in metro Detroit, Michigan and his work has taken him from Michigan to Washington, D.C. and back. He deeply believes in the work of organizations that work for the community. email:

    Darryl Eley Jordan, Senior Organizer

    Darryl has been an organizer for more than 35 years on a variety of issues including health & wellness, hunger and food security, union and labor rights, human rights, peace, diversity/anti-racism/people of color, block club/neighborhood/community organizing, immigration and self determination. Darryl came to EMEAC in 2014 as a senior organizer to work on Just Transition issues such as water, food and land justice and community resilience.  


    Siwatu-Salama Ra, Youth Director


    Siwatu-Salama was one of the founding members of EMEAC's Youth Educators Alliance program.  After serving as YEA's youth coordinator for three years she was promoted to Youth Director in 2014.  Siwatu has gone around the world representing EMEAC, the Detroit Community and speaking truth to power about the living reality of frontline communities.


    Kim Sherobbi, Community Partners and Facility Coordinator

    Ms. Sherobbi is a retired school teacher and community activist. For 26 years, she taught physical education for the Detroit Public Schools. Her involvement in metro Detroit neighborhoods has span for over 20 years. Kim has volunteered for numerous non-profit and government agencies such as Adams Butzel Recreation Center, Reggie Mckenzie Foundation, Money Matters for Youth, Detroit Parent Network, Birwood Block Association and Detroit Impact. She is excited about helping EMEAC build stronger relationships with the community. email: Kim 

    2014 Board of Directors
    • Victor Arbulu - Executive Director Greater Detroit Services for the Blind
    • Fred Vitali - Michigan Welfare Rights Organization
    • Dr. Gloria House - Marygrove University
    • Bill McNight - Member, First Unitarian Universalist Detroit 
    • Odessa Murphy - Marygrove University, student; youth activist
    • Dr. Nick Schroeck - Wayne State University Law School, Professor
    • Dr. Mike Spencer - University of Michigan, School of Social Work, Associate Dean