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March 30, 2010

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Here's your weekly helping of healthy media! By: Catherine Ferguson Academy Intern - Harlyn Haywood

Healthy Is Easy & Fun

Today at our internship, us girls from CFA had a workshop making smoothies. We all made our own individual batch and they all were delicious. The purpose of making these smoothies today, was to show a fun way to create a good snack in a fun and healthy way. We used the strawberries and   bananas recipe and replaced a few other things with a more health cautious ingredients.

Our ingredients consist of almond milk and agave nectar which are both highly recommended by physicians for many reasons. Original almond milk provides about 60-70 calories per cup.Because of it’s low calorie content, this milk may be a beneficial addition toward weight loss or management of weight. It is also a good source of several important fat soluble vitamins. One cup of almond milk meets 10% of the recommended Daily Value also known as (DV) for vitamin A which is important for healthy eyesight and normal growth and development. 

As for Agave nectar, it is a healthy alternative to sugar and considered to be one of the healthiest sweeteners in the world! Agave is also a low Glycemic Index food that will save you 24%-40% in calories without the harmful effects of sugar and artificial sweeteners. As we continued to create all of our smoothies, we gathered up potential ideas for different types of smoothies we can make in the future. You may be surprised by the combinations we’ve came up with.




Check out our latest media deconstruction of a common drink's label! Be sure to read all food labels critically! The very first job of a food label is NOT to inform you, but to get you to buy product!  

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