Food Justice Task Force

February 23, 2011

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DETROIT FOOD JUSTICE TASK FORCE: While abandoned by major supermarket chains, Detroit, like many inner city communities, has rich social and environmental capital that has been largely untapped or under-utilized in addressing food security for the people in our communities. The Task Force brings together a broad coalition of local growers, social, environmental and media justice organizations, schools, churches, food educators, restaurants, caterers and restaurant suppliers, the City of Detroit, representatives from the Michigan Environmental Council, community activists, residents and stakeholders. The members of the task force represent a broad spectrum of experience and resources in food production, distribution, land use, restaurant and other end users/retail options who will work together to:
  • Develop and implement strategies to expand urban agriculture production Improve food access and security
  • Create jobs
  • Contribute to community sustainability.
To empower Detroiters to assess and improve food justice and security in their own neighborhoods, FJTF will develop Planning Toolkit providing information and resources on:
  • Food Justice Literacy
  • Best Practice Research and Development
  • Environmental Justice Literacy
  • Community Assessment and Data Analysis
  • Food Justice Media & Media Literacy
DETROIT YOUTH FOOD JUSTICE TASKFORCE: With support from the Detroit Food Justice Taskforce, the youth food justice taskforce is working to create opportunities for youth to understand the impact of food related policy such as the 2012 Farm Bill and how it impacts their day to day life.
The Youth Food Justice Taskforce works with community gardens, creates, food just media and educational tools and hosts monthly Food Justice Friday community dinners.
Membership is open to all Detroit area youth with an interesst in healthy eating and having fun.