EMEAC Volunteer Appreciation Night coming up September 30

September 21, 2011

EMEAC volunteers like Ms.
Forshatta Scott will be
recognized on Sep. 30 
DETROIT – The East Michigan Environmental Action Council will be holding a special volunteer appreciation event on September 30 at 6 p.m. in McCollester Hall inside the Cass Corridor Commons spaces of the First Universalist Unitarian Church.

“We are appreciating the volunteers and supporters of EMEAC,” said EMEAC Community Partners Coordinator Kim Sherobbi. “We want to recognize all their efforts to help us become the community hub that we want to become. We want to honor them in terms of the support they’ve been giving us.”
In addition to special awards of recognition for the volunteer work done with the various EMEAC programs over the past year, the event will also feature fun activities such as performances, entertainment and refreshments.
“We will have some entertainment, music and possibly poetry,” Sherobbi said. “We will have food and drinks. We will also have some giveaways. I’m not sure if it’s going to be by raffle or by individual gifts yet. We’ll also have some acknowledgements of their work.”
All in all, the event will also provide an opportunity for EMEAC staff, partners, community members and volunteers to socialize and deepen their relations around the work of community building among people supporting the common cause of improving the overall environment in the city. It will also be an opportunity for EMEAC partners to familiarize themselves with EMEAC’s new location and mission of building the Cass Corridor Commons facilities at First UU.
“We want to introduce them to our new space and then enjoy each other’s space with some camaraderie and by getting to know each other not just as EMEAC staff and volunteers but person to person,” Sherobbi said. “That is going to be a day not only to honor them but also for them to get more familiar with what we do as an organization.
“That way they may be able to develop ways to volunteer further and help us in a capacity that they might not have before to help us serve the community better. Hopefully, we can provide an environment for them to contribute in ways that are just as good as what they had before if not even better.”