Commons Partners

October 19, 2012

Detroit Grassroots Cultural Arts Center

The DGCAC will serve as a The DGCAC will serve as a multicultural visual, performing and literary arts center that provides access to information, equipment, services, and programming to members of the community.  Activities are designed to educate and encourage grassroots activism while creating a community space that supports diverse progressive arts for Metro Detroit residents of all ages and backgrounds.

East Michigan Environmental Action Council

Fender Bender is an inclusive bicycle building and mechanic training organization with focus on creating a safe and nurturing space for women, trans and genderqueer people to learn bicycle repair skills not only as a means of transportation but also as a tool to address relevant social issues.  

Media Arts Cooperative

The East Michigan Environmental Action Council in partnership with the Detroit Media Economy Collaborative have formed a cooperative that will train multimedia educators and producers, provide budget friendly studio space to Detroit based artists as well as host and co-create a multimedia arts cooperative. Once prospective cooperative members demonstrate proficiency and have a solid plan for success, EMEAC will support the development of a revenue generating cooperative that specializes in the development of fine art and multimedia products.

People’s Kitchen Detroit emerged from the work of Detroit Evolution, which helped to create a space where community members shared tools, techniques, information and inspiration to create sustainable lifestyles and practices. Founded by Angela and Gregg Newsom, the People’s Kitchen Detroit (formerly Detroit Evolution), believes that having safe, healthy and affordable food options, so the community itself can be healthy, is a basic human right. Its vision is to create a safe, healing space in which Detroiters can reconnect with their community, the earth and themselves, and to learn how to step down from the high stress, destructive and unsustainable nature of the standard American lifestyle.