Climate Justice Resources

April 22, 2013

Climate changes have been taking place in the earth's atmosphere for millions of years.  Since the onset of industrial production, these naturally shifting processes have been accelerating at rates that threaten the lives of human, plant and animal populations, and disrupt both rooted and fragile ecosystems.  

Below are resources on climate change to raise awareness of these changes and the impacts on life.

Here are resources on Environmental Justice and Ecology and Food, Land and Health Justice.


Obama's energy plan cannot seriously address the impending climate crisis (1/30/14). Institute for Policy Studies' Janet Redman is interviewed. She deconstructed the President's energy plan. Very useful. Posted 2/10/14.

Ripe for retirement: an economic analysis of the U.S. coal fleet - 2013 update. Updates to an earlier report demonstrates that as many as 329 coal-fire power generators in 38 states are no longer economically competitive when compared with more clean facilities. Posted 12/10/13.

A jolt to complacency on food supply (11/11/13). Article explores the impact of climate change on food supply, using as an example the impact of weather on the Americna corn belt in 2012. Posted 11/13/13.

Worlds apart: Indigenous leaders abandon faith in UN to find a solution (11/12/13). While thousands gather in Warsaw to discuss climate change, Indigenous leaders from across North America concluded that solutions to climate change will never come through UN talks. Posted 11/13/13.
Climate change may magnify toxic chemical dangers (11/8/13). The article's author reports that climate change could magnify the havoc wrought by long-lasting and pervasive toxic chemicals. Posted 11/9/13.

Global warming seen taking toll on economy, health, crops (11/4/13). "Global warming is expected to take an increasing toll on the economy, food production, fresh water supplies and human health..." Posted 11/4/13.

Warming report sees violent, sick, poorer future (11/2/13). The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will release a report on March that anticipates greater hardship worldwide as a result of human-accelerated climate change. Posted 11/3/13.

Executive Order -- Preparing the United States for the impacts of climate change (11/1/13). The White House Office of the Press Secretary issues an executive order on climate change. Posted 11/1/13.

Closing the climate gap: Racial inclusion and the President's first step (6/26/13). A blog post by Anthony Giancatarino from the Center for Social Inclusion on racial inclusion in President Obama's climate plan. The Climate Justice Alliance is mentioned in it. Posted 7/30/13.

A climate plan that changes nothing (7/3/13). An Op-Ed by Arun Mohan Sukumar in The Hindu that critiques President Obama's climate plan for its focus on market-oriented approaches to investment and de-regulation, support for current industrial polluters and lack of accountability to the global community, among other things. Posted 7/3/13.

The Vacant Climate Plan (6/26/13). A response to President Obama's climate plan by climate justice reporter and activist Anne Petermann. Posted 6/27/13).
INFOGRAPHIC: What's in Obama's Climate Change Plan? (6/25/13).

Obama Announces Federal Climate Action Plan (6/26/13). An article that reports on President Obama's climate action plan and includes a fact sheet released by the White House following his speech. There is a link to a video of his speech. Here is the Full Transcript of the President's speech.  Posted 6/27/13.

Study Shows Soil-Building Benefits of Organic Practices (6/25/13). Article cites a recent study that reports organic crops build healthy soil and sequester carbon, making organic agriculture a useful strategy for dealing with climate change. Posted 6/27/13. 

U.S. Tailors Regional Climate Plans to Help Farmers Beat the Heat (6/5/13). Article writes on Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack's aim to introduce U.S. Department of Agriculture programs to combat the effects of climate volatility. Posted 6/6/13.

CO2 Levels Top 400 ppm at Hawaii Monitoring Station (5/11/13). An article by Roger Greenway from Environmental News Network. Posted 5/22/13.

International Outcry Against California Offset Scam (5/8/13). A press release by Indigenous Environmental Network that opposes California's Global Warming Solution's Act (AB32), which is posed to include REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation), which is a false solution to climate change. 

EPA faces lawsuit for chronic undercounting of toxic emissions at US oil and gas refineries, chemical plants (5/2/13). Posted 5/6/13


Dealing in Doubt: The climate denial machine vs climate science (2013) A Greenpeace report that exposes the fossil fuel industry's 2 decade campaign of climate denial through a strategy of undermining public confidence in climate science. Posted 9/13/13.

Teaching climate change to skeptics (9/9/13). An article about an effort by the Business and Environment Initiative at Harvard University to shift the debate about climate change from a political disucsusion to a practical conversation. Posted 9/13/13.

Carbon storage could aid climate, but at what cost? (7/3/13). California polluting industries plan to implement technologies that bury carbon dioxide underground; the environmental and human impacts could be devastating. Posted 7/30/13.

Use of coal to generate power rises; greenhouse gas emissions next? (7/10/13). LA Times news article that reports power plants are burning coal more, which is certain to increase carbon emissions. Posted 7/12/13.

Cleaning Up Diesel Trucks and Cooking Stoves Could Reduce Climate Change (6/18/13). An article that presents an argument that if diesel trucks and primitive cook stoves can be cleaned up in China and India, then greenhouse gas build-up would slow. Great example of a false solution that looks good on the surface, but doesn't get at the core issues. Posted 6/20/13.

An Obscure New Rule on Microwaves Can Tell Us A Lot About Obama's Climate Policies (6/5/13). Brad Plummer with the Washington Post discusses what appears to be a recognition by the Obama administration that climate change will be more damaging than previously estimated. Posted 6/11/13.

Climate Change Spurs Shipping to Steer Cleaner Course (5/21/13). An article by Franziska Badenschier that identifies the shipping sector for being responsible for around 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Most of these emissions are generated when goods are transported, whether the destination is domestic or international. Posted 5/22/13.

Food, Farms, Forests and Fracking: Connecting the dots (5/9/13). An article by Zack Saldveer and Ronnie Cummins on Organic Consumers Association that speaks to the multiple factors leading to global warming and it will take a unified effort before its too late. Posted 5/13/13.

How to Fix the Broken Debate on Climate Change (5/1/13). An article in Footnote1 by Andrew Hoffman that reveals the important,but missing voice in the debate on climate change; that of socials scientists.  Social science research has the ability to connect with research on the climate that can help us wade through the "vitriol and understand why climate change has joined...topics you don't mention in polite company without fear of a heated and divisive debate." Posted 5/13/13.

Time for Big Green to Go Fossil Free, by Naomi Klein in The Nation. (5/20/13)

The Fossil Fuel Resistance, by Bill McKibben in Rolling Stone. "As the world burns, a new movement to reverse climate change is emerging - fiercely, loudly and right next door." Posted 5/6/13.


Questions and Answers on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Shipping (6/28/13). A memo by the European Commissions on CO2 emissions in the shipping industry. Posted 7/30/13.

A Darker Shade of Green: REDD Alert and the Future of Forests (1/20/13) A video by the Global Justice Ecology Project about the problems of policies and programs to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation and to enhance forest carbon stocks. It is also in Spanish. Posted 7/30/13.

Helping Farmers Deal With Climate Change (6/12/13). A USDA video of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack's speech to help farmers and ranchers deal with climate change. Posted 6/20/13.

Climate Vulnerability Monitor. A tool that estimates human and economic impacts of climate change and the carbon economy for 184 countries in 2010 and 2030, across 34 indicators. Posted 5/28/13.

Global Estimates 2012: People displaced by disasters (5/13/13).  A webpage with links to a Global Estimates report, press release and map that reveals that 32.4 million people were forced to flee their homes in 2012 by disasters such as floods, storms and earthquakes.

Climate Finance and Markets is a joint project of the Institute of Policy Studies and the Heinrich Boell Foundation North America. This website serves as a platform for climate activists and advocates interested in gaining a better understanding of the current debates about the roles of public institutions and the private sector in energy and climate-related finance, and their intersection. Posted 5/6/13.

World Social Forum Climate Space Declaration rests on a site created by Grassroots Global Justice Alliance.  The Declaration was created through the activities of the Climate Space at the World Social Forum 2013 in Tunis, Tunisia. Posted 5/6/13.