Resources on Environmental Justice and Ecology

May 6, 2013

On this page we will share resources on issues of environmental and ecological justice.

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Comic book on environmental justice and the video version
The Biomass Monitor and library of scientific reports


BP is polluting Lake Michigan (7/1/13). British Petroleum dumps nearly 20 times more toxic mercury into Lake Michigan than federal regulations permit. Posted 8/11/13.

U.S. justices to hear EPA appeal over air pollution rule (6/24/13). The Supreme Court agreed to consider the legality of a controversial Obama administration effort to regulate air pollution that crosses state lines. Posted 7/30/13.

Land order facilitates solar energy development on public lands (7/8/13). The U.S. Bureau of Land Management announced the withdrawal of lands identified for solar energy development in the West from new mining claims. Posted 7/12/13.

Duke study links fracking to methane in drinking water (7/8/13). A recent study published by a Duke university research team has found new evidence that links hydraulic fracturing for natural gas to elevated methane levels in private water supplies across northeastern Pennsylvania. Posted 7/12/13.

EPA Report Shows Link Between Land Use, Health, Environment (6/24/13). In a new study by the EPA's Smart Growth Program, a link was found between environmental quality and land use and transportation strategies. Posted 6/27/13.

Obama: Keystone XL Should Not Be Approved if it Will Increase Gas Emissions (6/25/13). President Obama asks the State Department to not approve construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. Posted 6/25/13.

Cross-Canada actions on June 25 in support of Tar Sands blockade in Ontario (6/24/13). Press release of the Idle No More movement indicates that multiple actions opposing tar sands will take place in Ontario. The pipeline crosses the territories of 18 Indigenous nations along its route who have not given free, prior informed consent to the project. Posted 6/25/13.

Panama Canal Expansion Affects Ports. To accommodate larger ships and barges moving through the expanded Panama Canal, other port cities are having to expand as well. Such domino expansion efforts and the increased shipping traffic - quality and quantity - will most certainly lead to greater air and water pollution, and the resulting health problems of port city residents. Posted 6/13/13.

Environmental Justice in Detroit: Amid Toxic Communities There is Still Hope (6/10/13). Article that speaks to the work of the Detroit Climate Action Plan Collaborative. Posted 6/10/13.

Rail Project at LA Port Draws Environmental Group Ire (6/10/13). An NPR radio report in which concerns are raised about expansion of the rail yard to accommodate thousands of more truck trips per day are raised.  Important lessons for Detroit as the Detroit Intermodal Freight Terminal promises greater pollution to SW Detroit. Posted 6/10/13.

Environmental Groups File Suit Against EPA Emissions Standards (5/30/13). Kyle Barnett reports that several environmental groups are challenging what they call archaic emission quality standards that are lackadaisically enforced by the EPA. Posted 6/3/13.

City Warns Michigan Officials it Cannot Deal with Hazardous Goods on Bridge  (5/27/13). An unnamed bridge company requested that the ban preventing the transport of hazardous materials across the Ambassador Bridge be lifted. The Michigan Department of Transportation then issued a report recommending that this ban be lifted. Canada is concerned about this; as it should be. Posted 5/28/13.

EPA to Change the Way it Handles Environmental Justice Complaints (5/6/13).  The U.S. EPA released two policy papers that addresses long-standing criticism of the agency's Office of Civil Rights. Let's hope they do what they say they will do. Posted 5/22/13.


Sacred Voices (9/2012).  A short film that shares the messages of eight traditional Sacred Natural Site Custodians from Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and Uganda. Posted 5/16/13.

William Copeland Vlog on his participation at the World Social Forum-Free Palestine (12/18/2012). Posted 5/16/13.

WSF Free Palestine - Fighting Environmental Injustices, Land Grabs and Resource Theft in Palestine and Beyond. (12/2012). Panelists highlight community struggles for land, water and other necessities and campaigns to challenge the misuse of 'environmentalism' to cover up destruction of land, people and ways of life. Posted 5/16/13.