Air Quality

September 3, 2013

Air pollution as a heart threat (11/15/13). New studies suggest that air pollution not only worsens cardiovascular disease, but can also cause it. Posted 1/17/14.

Air pollution from incinerators and reproductive outcomes (11/2013). A journal article that draws a connection between air pollution and pre-term births. Posted 10/30/13.

Ongoing exposure to vehicle exhaust a health risk: researchers (10/21/13).  A Canadian study that draws the connection between the development of asthma and pollutants from vehicles' tailpipes. Posted 10/22/13.

MIT study: More people die from pollution than car crashes (10/18/13).  The Deseret News reports that a "recent study by MIT found that the pollution caused by driving causes more early deaths in the United States than the number of people who die each year in traffic crashes." Posted 10/21/13.

Diesel fumes deemed as cancerous as asbestos and passive smoking (9/3/13). The World Health Organization has said that diesel exhaust causes cancer. Posted 9/3/13.

Dr. Frank Bures: Particulates pose danger (9/1/13). Dr. Bures clearly indicates that particulate matter impacts human and environmental health and defines precisely what it is. Posted 9/3/13.

Air pollution causes 200,000 early fatalities/year in the US (9/2/13). MIT's Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment tracked ground-level emissions from a variety of sources, finding that the biggest culprit was road transportation. Posted 9/3/13.

Why is killer Diesel Still Poisoning Our Air? (7/19/13). News article highlighting the impacts of diesel on human health. The WHO designated diesel fumes as a cause of cancer alongside asbestos and plutonium. The article focuses on high pollution in Europe, with London as the epicenter. Posted 7/21/13.

Forest Decline Due to Particulate Matter (6/19/13). The Environmental News Network reports that the particulate matter in air pollution is correlated to forest decline. Posted 6/24/13.

Autism: Harvard study confirms pollution link (6/18/13). David Danelski reports on a recent Harvard University study that confirms a link between autism and air pollution.  Specifically, pregnant women living in high-pollution areas are more likely to have children who develop autism. Posted 6/20/13.

Environmental Justice Groups Sue EPA for Failure to Enforce Clean Air Act (6/14/13). Caroline Selle reports on a lawsuit by 5 environmental justice groups who are suing EPA for failure to comply with the Clean Air Act. Posted 6/20/13.

Microsampling Air Pollution (6/3/13). Article reports on low cost strategies some citizens have taken to measure air quality throughout various neighborhoods. Air quality often varies from neighborhood to neighborhood; measures not picked up by larger air quality monitoring agencies. Posted 6/6/13.

Air Quality Egg. A community-led air quality sensing network that gives people a way to participate in the conversation about air quality. Posted 5/16/13.

Exercise and Air Pollution (5/29/13). Huffington Post blogger Ben Greenfield summarizes findings from several reports that draw linkages between exercising in polluted areas (outdoors) and higher instances of health problems. Posted 5/30/13.

Traffic Air Pollution Turns Good Cholesterol Bad (5/29/13). Environmental and Occupational Health expert Elizabeth Sharpe reports on a study that finds exposure to diesel exhaust may render good cholesterol incapable of fighting the bad, artery-clogging cholesterol that promotes heart attack and stroke. Posted 5/30/13.

Asthma Plagues Peace Bridge Neighborhood (5/25/13). A newspaper article by Dan Telvock in Investigative Post about the cumulative impact of truck pollution on asthma and respiratory problems among people living near the Peace Bridge, which connects Buffalo, NY to Canada. Research and researchers cited in this article may have some value to researchers and activists in Detroit. Posted 5/28/13.

The Hidden Danger of Car Exhaust (5/26/13).  David Williamson reports on a recent study published by the American Heart Association journal links atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) to car exhaust. Posted 5/28/13.

Voluntary Clean Truck Programs Reduce Emissions at Ports, but Fall Short of Clean Air Goals (5/15/13). An a summary by Narcelo Norsworthy of a new peer reviewed study by Environmental Defense Fund called Emissions reduction analysis of voluntary clean truck programs at US ports. Posted 5/16/13.

Why Living Near a Busy Road Could Be Dangerous for Your Child's Health: Traffic pollution linked to diabetes risk (5/9/13). An article posted in Britain's Daily Mail Reporter. The author reports that living "near a busy road and increased levels of pollution from cars and lorries significantly raised the risk of insulin resistance in ten-year-olds, scientists found." Posted 5/14/13.

Residents Near U.S. Ports Say Expansions Taking Heavy Toll (5/5/13). An article that appears in the Washington Post.  The concerns raised in this article are similar to those shared by folks in SW and other parts of Detroit who are subjected to high levels of truck pollution. Posted 5/6/13.

Problems of Diesel. An informational page on the Clean Air Task Force's website. It provides a short overview on the health and climate-related problems that diesel causes. Posted 5/6/13.

Pollution Reporters: State of the air report from the American Lung Association (5/3/13). A summary of a recently released report from ALA. A link to the report can be found here.  Viewers can look up information by county. Posted 5/6/13.

Long-term Traffic Pollution Exposure Linked to Atherosclerosis (5/1/13). A summary of a recently published study by Hagen Kalsh, MD. Results showed that proximity to major roads and small particulate matter were associated with increasing atherosclerosis. Posted 5/6/13.