September 3, 2013

Clean Energy - Extreme Energy (local/national)

Nuclear waste solution seen in desert salt beds (2/9/14).  The U.S. Department of Energy is now storing nuclear waste in underground rooms carved out beneath dried up salt beds. Posted 2/10/14.

Nusbaum: Dangers will come over time (1/15/14). Guest columnist and board certified neurologist E. Daniel Nusbaum writes about the dangers of pyrolosis, a form of trash burning that generates fuel for electricity. Posted 1/17/14.

Ripe for retirement: an economic analysis of the U.S. coal fleet - 2013 update. Updates to an earlier report demonstrates that as many as 329 coal-fire power generators in 38 states are no longer economically competitive when compared with more clean facilities. Posted 12/10/13.

Environmentalists press Detroit to stop incineration (11/20/13). Representatives of Zero Waste Detroit coalition contend that incineration is not a renewable source for energy, but one that is harmful. Posted 12/2/13.

Several articles on the dangers of hydraulic fracturing are shared here. Posted 11/13/13.
   Tiny Minnesota city draws a line in the frac sand boom
   Oklahomans claim fracking waste polluted their water
   North Dakota's salty fracked wells drink more water to keep oil flowing

Push for ethanol production carries cost to land (11/12/13). Clearing the land to grow corn for ethanol production has proven more harmful to the environment than politicians are willing to admit. Posted 11/13/13.

New research provides evidence of coal dust escaping from trains (11/4/13). Preliminary findings released indicate that coal dust remains in the air after passing through an area. Posted 11/5/13.

Coal industry's go-to law firm withheld evidence of black lung, at expense of sick miners (10/29/13). In this report, attorneys and law firms that have served and protected the coal industry at the expense of legitimate claims are exposed. Posted 11/4/13.

FACT SHEET: Trash Incineration ("Waste-to-Energy"). Mike Ewall from Energy Justice Network prepared a fact sheet about the burning of garbage for energy production. Posted 11/4/13.

Michigan, EPA rules for coal ash piles under debate (11/1/13). Apparently Michigan's handling of toxic coal ash is too loose for the feds standards. Posted 11/3/13.

As experts recognize new form of black lung, coal industry follows familiar pattern of denial (11/1/13). A new form of black lung disease that results from inhalation of coal dust is diminishing people's lives; however because it is new, the coal industry denies any culpability.

Coal industry, Hill allies target fine print of Obama climate plan (9/3/13). Article by the Center for Public Integrity provides an overview of coal supporters efforts to undermine any efforts by the EPA to regulate emissions.

Wisconsin waters threatened by tar sands crude oil expansion (7/4/13). An Op-Ed in the Journal Sentinal online. Posted 8/11/13.

Fervent foes devote their lives to fracking fight (7/4/13). Residents of southern New York have been fighting industry to tap into its rich Marcellus Shale deposits. Posted 7/30/13.

Cement industry is the most energy intensive (7/3/13). The cement industry is "the most energy intensive of all manufacturing industries, with a share of national use roughly 10 times its share of the nation's gross output of goods and services." Posted 7/30/13.
Here are two articles about individuals at the US EPA "giving advice" to Japan allowing HIGHER risks than for radioactive cleanup levels that the EPA allows in the US and the push by such folks to legalize weaker radioactive protection in the US via Protective Action Guides. Does the U.S. Advice on Disposing Fukushima Waste Apply Back Home? and EPA Documents Raise Doubts Over Intent of New Nuclear-Response Guide.

What is the best disposal option for the "Leftovers" on the way to Zero Waste? This is a summary of a study that explored methods for managing mixed-waste residuals to reduce the harm and risks to public health and the environment to identify the best one. Posted 7/3/13.

Burning Recycling (May 2013). A resource guide from the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives on the problems incineration pose for the environment and human health. Posted 6/27/13.

Waste to Energy a Health Hazard? (6/21/13). An article in which attorney Mike Ewall, Co-Director of Energy Justice Network speaks on the toxics released by waste-to-incineration schemes. Posted 6/26/13.

Coal-Fired Power Plants: Understanding the Health Costs of a Dirty Energy Source. An article published by Physicians for Social Responsibility. Posted 5/29/13.

How much of your "clean, renewable" energy comes out of a smokestack? (10/4/11). An analysis of what is considered renewable energy, with a particular focus and critique of biomass incineration. Posted 6/20/13.

"Renewable" biomass power cuts forests, pollutes the air, drains rivers and worsens global warming. Posted 6/20/13. A fact sheet giving specific examples of the environmental impacts of biopower.

Clearcut Disster: Carbon Loophole Threatens U.S. Forests (6/10). A report by the Environmental Working Group on the role of biomass in the Waxman Market energy bill and how it would blow the carbon cap out of the water. Posted 6/20/13.

Coal-Fired Power Plants: Understanding the Health Costs of a Dirty Energy Source. An article published by Physicians for Social Responsibility. Posted 5/29/13.

An Anti-Biomass Movement Beyond Borders [The Biomass Monitor] (5/15/13). A blog post by Josh Schlossberg on Energy Justice Network's website. Josh discusses the growing anti-biomass movement among grassroots organizations. Posted 5/16/13.

News -- Job Creation in Muskegon and Michigan is the Goal of New Energy Center Partnership, members say (5/7/13). An announcement summarized by Dave Alexander in All Michigan about a budding partnership to develop the alternative energy industry in Muskegon that may lead to jobs. Posted 5/9/13.

Clean Energy - Extreme Energy (global)

Red Lake Direct Action to stop Illegal Enbridge Pipeline (3/12/13). A video that shows a group, led by the Red Lake Band of Chippewa, opposing the expansion of the Enbridge pipeline. Posted 6/20/13.

History of Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste through the Eyes of Mr. Hakan Rylander (4/19/12). An interview with the former President of International Solid Waste Association reveals that there are no environmental/climate benefits of gasification unless inputs are homogenous; this isn't the case, however, no matter how much pre-treatment happens. Posted 6/11/13.

No Public Hearings Possible on Coal Terminal Expansion, Says Port Authority (6/4/13). In this article we are able to see that pass-the-buck dance that corporations and their government agency-supporters do when the public raises tough questions about the policies and practices that impact the health of the environment, people, and more. People are calling for public meetings, but are being denied. Posted 6/6/13.

Summary of the second Research Program on Particulate Matter (5/29/13). This paper reports that a major source of particulate matter, which includes soot and heavy metals, is traffic. And concentrations of soot and heavy metals are 2-3 times higher along busy streets and roads in the Netherlands. Soot and heavy metal have higher negative effects on human health than other components of particulate matter. Posted 6/3/13.

News -- Atmospheric Carbon Levels Hit Record High (5/10/13). A statement by the Union of Concerned Scientists on the unprecedented amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Posted 5/13/13.