East Michigan Environmental Action Council's #GreenScreen2013 Winner: Pushing Fossil Fuels

November 9, 2013

Siwatu Salama-Ra
East Michigan Environmental Action Council is extremely excited to announce #GreenScreen2013's official winner is "Pushing Fossil Fuels," a film created by Detroiters, Siwatu Salama-Ra and Noelle Frye.

Salama-Ra and Frye's film showcases the importance of understanding where fossil fuels come from and how much fossil fuel is still available for use (13%).

Salama-Ra' and Frye's film is generously sponsored by the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, and can be seen below!

Thank you to all who submitted films, and stay tuned, we'll be posting more entries here soon!

Submission 6: A Hustle is a Hustle is a Hustle from divinespeech on Vimeo.