Doing What We Do: Positive Peer Productions

January 21, 2014

The youth that make up EMEAC's Positive Peer Productions often get questions on how they "do what they do." That is, how did they create the various "What's Mixing?" videos? What is the process they used to create storyboards? Or to shoot the footage? Or finally get the videos up online so that community members can see them?

We decided to create a series of videos that would answer these questions. This video shows one of the first Positive Peer Productions meeting at Palmer Park Preparatory Academy in Detroit, Michigan. We started by unpacking language to help better understand what youth will be doing as members of the Positive Peer Productions. 

Eventually, these youth will learn what environmental justice, food justice, and media justice is and how they connect. They then will use that knowledge to shape what they learn into media messages for their peers, younger children, their parents, caregivers and educators!

Stay tuned...