Give Us a Gift!

March 20, 2014

Give a Gift to Grassroots Global Justice and EMEAC!

EMEAC is proud to host the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance's 6th Membership Assembly on April 10-13. Check out a list of confirmed international movement allies below!

EMEAC joined GGJ in 2010 just after the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit, which drew 20,000 activists under the banner: Another World is Possible, Another U.S. is Necessary!  Through that process, EMEAC formed a strong relationship with many GGJ member organizations as we served as one of four local anchor organizations in Detroit.  Since 2011, EMEAC has served on GGJ's Coordinating Committee.

Four years later, we are hosting GGJ’s 6th Membership Assembly in Detroit (April 10-13, 2014) and organizers from across the U.S. and around the world are converging in Detroit again, this time to imagine and plan out a Just Transition away from the fossil fuel economy toward an economy for people and the planet.

As an alliance, GGJ looks to Detroit for inspiring examples of how communities have responded to exploitation and abandonment by creating alternatives that build community power through environmental justice education, youth development and collaborative relationship building. 

Will you donate to support this crucial work? All contributions in response to this appeal will be split 50/50 between GGJ and EMEAC. We will greatly appreciate any amount that you are able to contribute. 

You can either give through this secure online page, or you can send GGJ a check.

If you'd like to send us a check, please enter the amount you will donate, fill out your contact information, select "I will send payment by check" at the bottom of the page and click "Confirm Contribution".

You can make out a check to "Grassroots Global Justice" and mail to:

Grassroots Global Justice
4919 Pentridge Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19143

International Allies

Three international allies have confirmed and are registered to come to the GGJ Membership Assembly.  They are looking forward to getting to know GGJ members and allies, and working with us to develop out our vision for grassroots internationalism in the US.  We are honored to be hosting the following movement allies:

Mary Louise Malig
Mary Louise Malig is an activist researcher, policy analyst, campaigner and has written on the issues of trade particularly the World Trade Organization, the G-20 and also on issues of climate change, food and agriculture and the green economy. She also helps with the coordination of the Social Movements for an Alternative Asia. Malig currently works as staff for La Via Campesina in Asia.
Sandra Moran
Sandra Moran is a member of the International Secretariat of the World March of Women.  In Guatemala, she runs the Sector de Mujeres that organizes against domestic and state violence.  Since 1994, her work has been framed in the defense of women, territory and peoples.  She is also a poet and drummer.
Pablo Solon
Pablo Solón served as the UN Ambassador to Bolivia from  February 2009 to July 2011.   As Ambassador to the UN, Solón spearheaded successful resolutions on the Human Right to Water, International Mother Earth Day, Harmony with Nature, and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  He is currently the Executive Director of Focus on the Global South, an activist think tank based in Bangkok.