Our Power Gathering

April 29, 2014

June 27 - 29, 2014

The EMEAC staff and young adult members of its Young Educators Alliance will bring together youth, students and young adults from working class, indigenous and people of color communities impacted by environmental injustices for a 3-day Our Power gathering in Detroit. Leadership for the EJ movement will be cultivated among the youth coordinating team members during the process of planning, implementing and evaluating the gathering, as well as among those who attend locally and nationally.  It is important to the Movement’s success that spaces and opportunities be created to allow for youths' vision, energy and generational wisdom to grow and sharpen.

The Our Power gathering is focused on scaling up the leadership and presence of youth and young adults in generating solutions for a Just Transition* from reliance on unsustainable, polluting, resource intensive practices and policies to those that are sustainable, renewable and nurture healthy communities. Specifically, we will discuss the health, environmental and climate impacts of polluting energy producing industries; collaboratively generate creative ways to address the negative impacts, while posing sustainable, renewable and non-exploitive alternatives; and define pathways to move this agreed upon work forward. 

Space is limited, so please register soon!