Welcome Local and National Allies!

April 7, 2014

Welcome national and local allies!!!

We are excited to host the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance's membership assembly from April 10-13 at the Cass Corridor Commons.  It is not too late for you to learn about and contribute to this exciting event. 

While our allies are here, we are hosting a couple of additional events aimed at bringing together local and national allies, friends, supporters and neighbors.  Please mark your calendars!

Panel Discussion: Envisioning a Just Transition in the 21st Century

REVISED 4/9/14 at 5:04pm
Movement-building organizers and activists from Detroit will engage GGJ members and friends in an intergenerational conversation about Detroit's history, the current crises facing the city, and how local organizers are using the frame of a Just Transition to build a stronger and more resilient city. Panel participants will share how their work challenges existing inequities and issues, while offering new solutions and building community resilience. Confirmed panelists include: Rhonda Anderson (Community activist and Sierra Club Detroit), Shane Bernardo (Earthworks Urban Garden), Antonio Cosme (Graffiti artist, gardener, activist, organizer), Kezia Curtis (Fender Bender Detroit), Vincent Martin (Community resident and activist), and Reverend Joan Ross (North End Woodward Community Coalition). National and international respondents will comment on what they will have heard and draw connections with national and international work and movements. EMEAC Co-Director Ife Kilimanjaro will serve as moderator. 

Date: Friday April 11
Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm
Location: Cass Corridor Commons Sanctuary, 4605 Cass Ave. (Please enter through the parking lot off Forest)
  6:30pm  Welcome
  6:35pm  Moderator's comments/opening
  6:45pm  Panelist's presentations
  7:25pm  Response by national and international allies
  7:30pm  Question/Answer
  7:55pm  Closing remarks

Just Transition is a broad frame that outlines our commitment in practice to co-create the transition from a polluting, resource-intensive, extractive/exploitive economy to clean, sustainable ones. It encompasses our commitment and efforts to lift up and contribute to building local, living economies that foster community resilience and bring about lasting change. We've adopted this Just Transition frame and practice because history and experience have taught us that rather than investing the overwhelming majority of time in putting out fires--that is, reactively addressing injustices as they arise--we must shift our work to be proactive in co-creating the world we want and need. 

Fundraising Social Gathering and Party

Join us at the D. Blair Theater for some powerful sounds of local hip hop artists and poets.  This will be a dope fundraiser...so join us!!!