Join us for the Food System PMA

May 13, 2014

Join us on Friday May 23 from 4:00pm-8:00pm for a food systems people's movement assembly!

Submitted by Charity Hicks, E4H Fellow

EAT4HEALTH DETROIT is hosting a local gathering to share, strengthen, and co-create an anti-hunger, food secure, food justice, food sovereign local/regional food system in Detroit.

In Detroit we can no longer afford to contaminate our environment with 68 superfund sites, 281 facilities releasing toxic chemicals, poor air quality with high particulate matter well above national and state averages and soil contaminated with heavy metals such as mercury, lead, & cadmium. The cumulative impact of this pollution is literally killing people. 

We must continue to work to empower the Detroit community to value the air, land and water ecology. Our food system is directly nested in our environmental/ecological systems & worldwide energy footprint and in the JUST TRANSITION campaign we are calling for a transition from our extreme energy economy to a JUSTICE centered, localized, resilient economy. Policy has a significant role to play in this shift towards resilience and must be leveraged to build transformative solutions, alongside grassroots organizing.

We are calling the full community to join the discussion, work and campaigns to help shift our food system and all of our public systems into a climate conscious, local/regional centering. We need solutions which will promote and enhance environmental justice, health & nutritional well-being, and economic equity. This requires a multi-faceted bottom line food system grounded in Food Sovereignty which has justice in every element; our quality of life and the earth requires it.
If you want to help host, sponsor, and/or support the gathering please contact Charity Hicks 313-725-0554 or sublimelight[AT]netscape.net.