Southern Movement Assembly Atlanta GA by Mike Zellars

September 5, 2014

Southern Movement Assembly Atlanta GA

My experience with the Southern Movement Assembly was new, distinct, and exciting. The feeling of being in one building with all different types of people; with great ideas and solutions to problems it gave me a heart warming feeling. The conversations made me realize that the more people the stronger you are.The unity was shown in numbers and volunteer work. The Project South youth program also made me feel comfortable and at home. 

It felt good to know that there are more youth participating, and speaking up. The youth came from all over the region and with them came insight.  I met a unique brother from Arkansas -- he and I shared similar ideas. The conversations once again let me know that youth are not the same as others may perceive them to be. Although we played music, laughed, and talked alot once it was time to strategize all the youth were attentive. 

Which comes to show that you can have a disciplined mindset at any age. I want more youth involved in programs like this and on the way back home I thought hard. The experience inspired and motivated me to be more committed to doing things for the youth in urban communities. The Southern Assembly was also a good place to network. I met many different people that were dealing with different problems. The same people offered connections to problems I was trying to solve and they lead me to the right people.

Mike Zellars is a graduate of the Eco-works program (teaching youth to do energy audits and energy education) and a youth activist with YEA among other groups.  He lives in Detroit Michigan.