EMEAC ANNUAL LETTER - Its been a busy year!

December 10, 2014

Our Power Detroit at First Water Station
Together we are making a difference!
Dear Friend:

As 2014 comes to a close, we send you well wishes for the new year and invite you to DONATE NOW with a tax deductible gift.

We have been busy this year, thanks to your support!

EMEAC covered new and bold ground in environmental and climate justice work in 2014. For example, our Young Educators Alliance (YEA) hosted our very first Our Power Detroit (click to watch video) and brought over 150 young leaders from around the nation to participate in and lead conversations at the Our Power Campus at the Cass Corridor Commons (June 27-29th). The weekend was full of workshops, discussions, activities and conversation. Saturday Night saw a concert headlined by YEA.  The Water Is Life Community Action was a demonstration on Our Power in effect.  We worked with the People's Water Board, We The People of Detroit, Detroit 2014: Building a National Network and other local change agents to help bring the city's first Relief Station to life.
Charity Hicks Presente!


This action was inspired and spirited by Charity Hicks, EMEAC's Policy Director, who transitioned after the gathering on July 8th, 2014. May her spirit live on through OUR POWER.

EMEAC and DBCFSN team up for healthy kids challenge
EMEAC and DBCFSN team up for healthy kids
 Members, friends and supporters have helped EMEAC create engaging and interactive learning experiences with children and families to deepen relationships with nature and to learn about healthy lifestyles -- characteristics we consider important in creating an environmentally just world.

Over the summer EMEAC hosted three Fellows from the University of Michigan: Dominique Mathews, Brittany Anstead and Todd Ziegler who helped to move our climate justice work forward specifically in evaluations, social media and youth workshop development.

EMEAC staff also continued to work collaboratively with other local,
EMEAC's Rackham Fellow Brittany Anstead
EMEAC's Rackham Arts of Citizenship Fellow
Brittany Anstead
state and national allies to bring about greater awareness of issues facing communities impacted by environmental injustices.  As a steering committee member of the Climate Justice Alliance, EMEAC has worked with many grassroots groups around the country to move toward what we call a Just Transition from heavy reliance on polluting fossil fuels to greater use of more sustainable, renewable forms of energy, while consuming less.  You will be able to read more about our great work in our 2014 Annual Report, which will be sent out the end of January. 


In 2015 we will continue to foster collaborations among environmental and justice groups in an effort to create and support green and just solutions to race, poverty and environmental concerns in southeast Michigan.  With your donation of $35, $50, $75 or more we will be able to build space for Detroit and grassroots leaders nationwide to model share, to expand digital justice capacity and cultivate the next generation of earth's caretakers.  We hope that you will help us make all of our programs possible with your gift.  Please click here to donate online or send your contribution to EMEAC 4605 Cass Ave Detroit, MI 48201.

On behalf of the EMEAC staff and Board of Directors we wish you a peaceful holiday season and a Happy New Year.